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The Simulation of the European Parliament | I

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The simulation of the European Parliament

A playful approach to European citizenship

The Young Europeans – Strasbourg have been organizing simulations of the European legislative process for the past five years. The simulation of the European Parliament takes place in the spring and is held in the hemicycle of the Strasbourg city council. Near 150 young people, aged 16 to 35 and from multiple backgrounds, take on the role of an MEP for two consecutive days. The objective is twofold: the simulation allows young people, often far removed from European issues, to better understand the functioning and challenges of the European Parliament, but also to better understand the impact that the European Union can have on citizens on a daily basis.

The plenary session, a highlight of the European Parliament Simulation

Organization and process

The participants are divided both into different political groups and are divided into different committees: foreign affairs, industry, research and energy, environment and public health, budget, economic and monetary affairs, internal market and consumer protection. They are thus led to:

  • Develop a political strategy collective and decide on amendments to the legislative text

  • Conduct negotiations with the other political groups in order to find compromises

  • Write and vote amendments

  • Choose a protractor for each commission, which will present the texts

  • Vote texts in plenary assembly

The 5th edition of the simulation of the European Parliament 2021, which was to be held on April 24 and 25 at the headquarters of the Eurometropolis in Strasbourg.

Here is the form to register.

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