The Singapore circuit in the next Call of Duty

The next game in the Call of Duty first-person shooter franchise, titled “Modern Warfare 2”, is slated for release on October 28 on Playstation, Xbox and pc. Its developers have revealed that one of the playable maps will have the Marina Bay circuit as its backdrop, an urban layout in the city of Singapore which has hosted Formula 1 since 2008.

This map, playable as part of the six-player against six (6v6) clashes, will be accessible via a beta of the game in early access on Playstation via pre-order on September 16 and 17, before opening to all players as part of from the last open beta from September 24 to 26, a few days before the Singapore GP 2022, which should be the first since 2019 and the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a teaser video released by Infinity Ward, it appears the map will include portions of the pit lane and Marina Bay paddock complex, although no F1 logo is present in the clip.

The Marina Bay map in the next Call of Duty

Infinity Ward released a brief statement about the new map: “The Modern Warfare II Beta is set to deliver an intense multiplayer experience that goes beyond the basic 6v6 experience with a variety of meticulously crafted maps of different sizes, and an equally impressive set of Modes, Experiences progress and other aspects that will be revealed in more detail during ‘Call of Duty: Next.’ urban racing circuit, [qui est] one of the 6v6 multiplayer maps confirmed for beta.”

This isn’t the first time F1 has been indirectly associated with Call of Duty as Lewis Hamilton made an appearance as a non-playable character in Infinite Warfare back in 2016. More generally, during the 2013 and 2014 MotoGP Valencia GPs. , Jorge Lorenzo had sported special helmets in the colors of Ghosts and Advanced Warfare, two opuses of the franchise.

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