Aya Nakamura reacted to the publication of a surfer who posted a picture of her in blackface mode on social networks. " This person is disguised in me … According to her! Commented Djaja's interpreter.

The singer then retweeted a message posted by a fan, denouncing this "offensive, humiliating and racist" practice.

Last November, Aya Nakamura confided in the American magazine, The Fader, where she said "
it was not easy to be a black woman
In the music world industry. "
I was asked to whiten my skin or put lighter foundation to reach a wider audience

". So we understand that this the blackface practice of disguising yourself as a black person in a stereotyped way did not go through

The previous case of blackface had already been controversial, as when footballer Antoine Griezmann had disguised as basketball player of the 1980s, in December 2017.

The French footballer had even apologized for this awkwardness …

Before him, it was Jeanne Deroo, a journalist beauty of She France, which had aroused strong controversy by wearing an afro wig on a background of African motifs and with his black makeup on the face in 2013. No, the blackface is not "cool" and even less "funny".



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