the singer in five cult videos

For the occasion, “Sud Ouest” makes you (re)discover the five hits that marked Renaud’s career.

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“Leave Concrete” (1977)

From his second album, Renaud Séchan adopts a more rock look, black leather jacket, long hair, sideburns and red bandana. And the artist imposed his rebellious style with his first hit “Laisse concrete”, written in just thirty minutes on a packet of Gitanes, in June 1975, before going on stage at the cabaret restaurant La Pizza du Marais. For the music of this title which forges his image as a loubar, the “Parisian titi” is inspired by his idol Bob Dylan and creates a melody between rock and blues.

“In my HLM” (1980)

It is the flagship song of the album “Marche à l’ombre”, which definitively establishes his reputation as a committed singer. Vitriol humorous portrait of the middle classes, “In my HLM” denounces the redneck, facho tendency and, like Cabu or Yves Boisset in “Dupont Lajoie”, and ordinary racism, in all its forms. From the first notes, the tone is set:

“On the ground floor, in my HLM, There’s a kind of spook Who watches the entrances, Who shoots at everything that moves, Especially if it’s tanned. »

“Morgan of You” (1983)

Since the release of his first album, in 1975, “Amoureux de Paname”, Renaud has come a long way. Eight years and four albums later, he released “Morgane de toi”. In the eponymous song, a declaration of love to his daughter Lolita, we discover the artist in a new light, much softer and more moving. Today, Renaud’s hit has brought the expression “I’m Morgane to you” into popular language to say “I’m in love”. But the formula is not an invention of the singer. As he explained to the 1 p.m. news on Antenne 2 in November 1985, it is a gypsy formula that he simply borrowed for his song.

“As soon as the wind blows” (1983)

The idea of ​​this song, Renaud’s most popular song with the mythical “Mistral winner”, came to Renaud’s mind thanks to Dominique Lavanant. When he tells her that he is having a boat built and that he wants to sail with his wife and child, the actress quotes Joseph Kessel: “it’s not the man who takes to the sea, it’s the sea ​​that takes the man”. It is therefore a traveler and sailor Renaud, who recounts his life on board during this journey at sea carried out between September 1982 and March 1983 aboard the “Makhnovtchina”, a 14-meter schooner, with humor and self-mockery. that characterize it.

“Winning Mistral” (1985)

“Telling you about the good times that are dead or coming back/Squeezing your little fingers in my hand”… “Telling you especially about the Carambars of yesteryear… And the Coco Boers and the real roudoudous… cut our lips and screwed our teeth… And the winning Mistrals

The title of this song with bittersweet music where the singer talks to his daughter, Lolita, evoking the memories and sweets of her childhood, comes from the name of a confectionery that has disappeared, the Mistral Winner, which presented itself under the form of small sachets containing a sweet and sparkling powder that was sucked up with a straw. If we had to remember only one title from Renaud, it would probably be this one. According to a BVA survey, published in 2015, “Mistral Gagnant” which has been the subject of many covers in recent years (Maxime Leforestier, Vanessa Paradis and recently the Quebec singer Cœur de Pirate) is the favorite French song of all time. of the French, ahead of “Ne Me quitte pas”, by Jacques Brel, and “L’Aigle Noir”, by Barbara.