The singer The Doug deserved a zenith

09:53 – March 24, 2023 – by

The Doug will be giving a free concert at the roadhouse in Saint-Jean-d’Heurs near Thiers on April 1st.

Before playing at La Maroquinerie in Paris or at La Coopé, the Clermontois The Doug, a rising figure in French rap and song, begins a tour of the Zéniths like no other. He will be in free concert in Saint-Jean-d’Heurs on April 1st.

On not going to be “bad player”, as the title of his last EP but The Doug, we knew a little but nothing more. And then we were won over. We may be more rock than rap, everything about him, the music, the texts and the voice hit the mark, direct. Even his “mouth” does not leave indifferent like that of a certain Eddy de Pretto.

That’s good, the native of Gauthière in Clermont-Ferrand made the first parts of the Belgian slammer or those of Gaëtan Roussel, the leader of Louise Attaque.

Jules, his real first name, got nothing but good things out of it.

“It was great, a great experience with people who listened and gave me advice. It also allows you to project yourself on a possible career. And see the work that still remains to be done. »

As a teenager, he had a crush on more rock bands like System of a Down, REM, Gorillaz, Prodigy or Linkin Park. Groups with a strong impact in their music as in their texts. No coincidence…

“No, I couldn’t have made rock he admitted. Rap took me in high school, it was a period for that. In high school, rap was very popular and above all it was a means of expression for young people. It didn’t take much to express yourself. »

Today, the one who drags his nickname from college English classes flies on his own. If he leaves to settle soon in Paris for artistic reasons, he remains nonetheless attached to Clermont.


Former rugby player at the La Plaine club, The Doug loves sport in general and local sport. In photos, he can be seen wearing an Arsenal football shirt. He especially made a clip at the Marcel Michelin stadium where he plays in acoustics. “I played rugby for ten years, I saw a lot of matches at the Michelin so I was happy to appropriate the place, to go up on the roof… I’m more rugby than football but I’m very happy that Clermont Foot is doing well. »

Moreover, the artist played a few songs on the Montpied lawn on March 12 for the Clermont match against Lens.

The former rugby player does not fuss with his appearance. In his clips, he likes to appear raw, authentic like his texts and his voice reminiscent of Alain Bashung. “I’ve heard this comment so often… But I prefer it to be an artist I appreciate… My image is faithful to my music: raw, maybe cold”.


In his clips, the tight shots bring us closer to the artist and his direct but poetic phrasing. The music from his latest EP plays with words to better capture the attention of his audience. And talk about serious subjects like the spleen of the 2000 generation in the title “Generation”.

“It’s not just a song for our generation because each generation has its issues. If I can do good for young people, that’s great. But I prefer to talk to as many people as possible. »

For this, The Doug begins a tour of the Zeniths. But not the ones you think… Rather these cafes or bars of the same name, far from the big cities.

“It’s a conceptual tour, not a real stage experience as we can see at La Coopé on May 11 with a real concert, he explains. It’s free so that there are people. With my turner, we looked at the bars with the name Zénith and we chose five…”

In Étampes (91) on March 22, in a nightclub in Le Havre on the 23rd or at the roadhouse in Saint-Jean-d’Heurs near Thiers on the April, the public will be able to take the measure of their talent for free and listen to these already hit titles like Generation, HLM in paper (Hello Renaud), Painkillers… or Do good. Quite simply.