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Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage, revealed in an interview with American OAP, Angie Martinez of Power 105.1, that she was being blackmailed by a stranger who threatened to release a sextape featuring her with her current lover.

Tiwa Savage revealed that the blackmailer asked her for money not to broadcast the sex tape but she decided not to pay the money.

A few hours ago, the sextape video leaked online. Although the face of the man involved does not appear, the lady in the video looks a lot like Tiwa Savage.

Check out the video here

As the video went viral, social media users across multiple platforms took to their accounts to voice their thoughts on the situation. The singer explained in detail how her sextape was leaked on social media.

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Revealing how the leak happened, Tiwa said the video was accidentally posted to Snapchat by her lover who deleted it after realizing her mistake but had already been uploaded by a stalker.

She said : “I’m not going to call it a sextape but it’s a tape between me and the person I’m dating right now… It’s not from someone who works closely with me.” What happened was the person made it to Snap and posted it by accident, but he quickly deleted it. ”

“However, someone got it before they could delete it. It’s a very short video, but it’s me. It’s gonna be there and I can just imagine the memes. I just found out yesterday. I couldn’t sleep last night. ”

The singer also said she tried to cope with the situation to no avail. She said : “We tried to block them, but I decided later that I would own the story. I’m not ashamed of it; it’s someone I’m dating; I don’t cheat, either. We are adults. ”

“I can’t believe this is happening to me. I feel for my fans because they will have to continue to defend me. I can turn off my phone or have someone manage my account so I can’t see it, but my fans will feel the need to protect me. I would like my fans to ignore it ”, she declared.

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