The sister of the Egyptian woman whose husband divorced her at his daughter’s wedding reveals the reason for announcing his wife’s divorce by three in front of the mourners • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The sister of the Egyptian woman, who was divorced by her husband at her daughter’s wedding, explained the details of the incident.

She said that her sister was divorced from her husband two years ago, but her ex-husband insulted her in front of everyone during their daughter’s wedding because of his distress and anger at her. According to “Cairo 24.”

She pointed out that her sister’s ex-husband got married almost two years ago and lives with his new wife in their house. As for her sister, she is fully responsible for raising her children on her own.

She pointed out that her sister’s ex-wife divorced her three times during his daughter’s wedding in front of all the attendees, in order to only anger her.

And she continued: “Even if my sister was lonely and there were big problems between them, it would not be useful to do this for his daughter in her joy, but he is just a father who does not love his daughter at all.”