The situation in New York is “surreal”

A Quebecer residing in New Jersey has made the decision not to return to Canada, as the federal government strongly recommended last week.

Antoine Clément has lived in the populous city of Hoboken for seven years. On the other side of the Hudson River, he has a view of Manhattan, a New York borough where the situation is “surreal” according to him.

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“My window overlooks Manhattan. It is an evil that we do not see, as if it were the ice storm. In addition, the weather is very beautiful. It was 22 degrees (Saturday). ”

“We have police officers who patrol the children’s parks to make sure the parents are not together. Police officers on motorcycles even padlocked the play areas. Everything is closed and people have not been going to work for a week. ”

More than 9,000 cases have been reported in the neighboring state. Caution is therefore in order in New Jersey.

“The situation is dramatic. New York represents five percent of global cases now. We are all aware of the situation. ”

Mr. Clément, himself isolated at his home, radically reduced his activities and travel during the pandemic.

“We take the dog out. He’s tired of going out, he joked. Ironically, I am training for the Tremblant half-Ironman. The swimming pools are closed and you cannot train in groups.

“The roads are deserted. There is nobody. I fear that we will be prevented from running, as they do in France. ”

According to Mr. Clément, Mayor Ravinder Bhalla did not order citizens to stay inside, but it is a strong recommendation.

“He told us in” half-covered “words not to come out at all. Not even to walk. I have a stationary bike. That’s what I do.”

On the family level, Mr. Clément’s son must continue his last year of distance school.

“He’s probably going to end his High School career in his bedroom!”


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