Under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance, the 6th Abu Dhabi Oncology Conference concluded this week, organized by VBS Healthcare Group and Berjil Medical City, which focused on the role of artificial intelligence in healthcare and modern research methodologies for cancer Treatment using state-of-the-art technology and therapeutic trip design mechanisms according to the patient's needs and state of health.
More than 800 experts and experts from around the world participated in panel discussions focused on the achievements and challenges they face in the diagnosis and treatment of tumors and the role of medical research in charting a new road map for the future of this area worldwide.
"The quality of healthcare in the UAE continues to evolve, and as part of our efforts to contribute to this, we are pleased to support national efforts to raise awareness of the importance of early detection and prevention of cancer," said Dr Shamshir Villal, President and Managing Director of VBS Healthcare.
Dr. Gareth Poebs, director of the Cancer Research Center at the Sanford Burnham Preves Institute in California, confirmed that the results of the conference reviewed important discoveries in new immunotherapy treatments for cancer prevention and treatment, including the latest developments in the oncology drug sector, Pointing out that such conferences are central to promoting ways to prevent cancer and the future of treatment.
During the conference, many international experts gave detailed insights into the challenges faced by cancer treatment specialists and proposed solutions to develop diagnostics and treatment, reviewing the latest technological developments, including learning the machine that will contribute to early detection of cancer more accurately and record time.
Dr. Jason Hipp, a pathologist at Google, said during a presentation at the conference on the use of technology to prevent cancer and increase cure rates: Machine learning will help doctors diagnose cancers more quickly, which will benefit the patient directly.
"The current task is to increase the efficiency of cancer diagnosis techniques to achieve the single goal of saving the lives of the largest number of people," said Dr Martin Stump, president of Google's pathology project. "There is no higher goal and more incentive.
Burjil Medical City, the organizer of the conference, is expected to open next year in the city of Mohammed Bin Zayed, which will play a key role in addressing the growing health care needs of the UAE population and those coming for treatment, which will be the largest private healthcare facility in the UAE. Berjil Medical City aims to provide a unique treatment experience, with a focus on long-term care.


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