The sixth victim of the Christmas parade is an eight-year-old boy

Jackson Sparks was knocked down when he went in parade with his baseball team. He underwent brain surgery on Sunday, but according to GoFundMe, only a miracle could have saved him. Unfortunately, this did not happen. His brother Tucker also suffered serious injuries, he has a skull fracture, but according to the family he will survive.

At the hospital, several people remain in critical condition.

The driver ran into people

According to police, Brooks, who entered the parade after a domestic quarrel, deliberately zigzagged with his red Ford Escape. Police added that it looked “as if he was moving intentionally from side to side,” and witnesses believed the driver was interested in directly hitting as many members of the parade as possible.

Darrell Brooks

Foto: Milwaukee County Sheriff, Reuters

He also ran into girls from the Xtreme Dance Team. Its member, eleven-year-old Yartezi Beccera-Montez, was also knocked down. Her mother was spinning the phone in the procession as a red Ford crashed into the dancers.

Sister Yartezi Ketzally told CBS: “We put everything away right away and ran to find my sister. I found her first, lying directly under the car. They all lay side by side. ”The chaos grew, and the police shouted at the crowd to leave the area. The girl’s parents took her to a nearby store, where they hid because it was uncertain whether there would be further violence. When they could return, they loaded her into an ambulance that took her to Wisconsin Children’s Hospital.

“She has two hematomas in her head, one in front and one in the back,” she said of her sister Ketzalla’s condition. She also has bruises on her lower body, which makes her ill. She also suffered psychological trauma.

Dancing grandmothers

The three victims are members of the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies, and 79-year-old Virginia Sorensen, 71-year-old LeAnna Owen and 52-year-old Tamara Durand have died in a car crash. Sorensen was the group’s award-winning choreographer. Durand was its newest member. Like two other victims, Jane Kulich and Wilhelm Hospel, women died as a result of multiple injuries.

When Judge Kevin Costello charged Brooks, he also bailed $ 5 million because of his “extraordinary” criminal record and because he escaped previous charges in Nevada and Wisconsin. “I have never seen anything like it in my long career,” the judge added to the case and the accused.

Brooks ignored the officers’ attempt to prevent him from entering the parade route. He didn’t even respond to the shooting. One police officer said that the driver “had no emotions on his face.”