The ‘skid’ of an important television channel on the volcano of La Palma: “Murcia” – Television

The eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano in The Palm It is one of the topics that has focused the news since the eruption began on September 19. Many have been the journalists and television crews who have traveled to the island to report live on the evolution of the lava flows and the last hour of what was happening on the ground, in addition to collecting testimonies from affected and evicted neighbors.

The eruption of La Palma is approaching 40 days of activity, and the elevation of the land in the vicinity of the eruptive center in Cumbre Vieja, of 10 centimeters in the last 24 hours, together with the high rates of sulfur dioxide emission -40,800 tons according to the last measurement- They presage that there is a volcano for a while on La Palma.

The La Sexta team has traveled to the island of La Palma to do the live program on the occasion of the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano

Digital WritingMadrid 26 sep 2021 – 17:35

A forecast, that of the scientific committee that monitors the day to day on the Cumbre Vieja ridge, When the 50th anniversary of the Teneguía eruption is celebrated this Tuesday, that lasted 24 days, from October 26 to November 18, 1971, and whose streams covered 276 hectares.

According to the latest calculation of the European satellite system CopernicusThere are 908.2 hectares destroyed and 2,162 buildings destroyed, in addition to another 124 possibly affected. According to the Cadastre data, the buildings destroyed or damaged are estimated at 1,291, of which 1,038 are for residential use, 135 for agriculture, 64 for industrial use, 30 for leisure and hospitality, 11 for public use and the rest for other uses.

The deformation of almost ten centimeters of the terrain of La Palma could predict an increase in the lava flow

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