The slap that Caracol is hitting RCN in the World Cup rating

Apparently nobody wants to listen to Carlos Antonio Velez or the singer of the goal. The Santo Domingo channel continues to command the world cups

Certainly, on Colombian television, there is a married fight between Caracol and RCN to see which of these two is the king of the rating. For several years, the Santo Domingo channel had great dominance, always occupying the top positions. However, recently, Nuestra Tele began an arduous competition with different productions that gave it an air of victory; Now that it has reached the World Cup, it seems that this slight tie is about to disappear for the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

And it is that, due to this beginning, the gap between one channel and the other due to the rating has become evident. In one of the most recognized rating measurements, it can be seen how both the preview of the matches and the matches that are broadcast by Caracol appear, and it seems that almost no one decided to tune in to RCN. The truth is that because of this, he makes something very clear and that is that people prefer to tune in to the Santo Domingo channel over Ardila Lulle.

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Is it possible that this is happening because people are tired of seeing Carlos Antonio Vélez and the locutions of Eduardo Luis and the singer of the goal? Whether this is true or not, the beating that Caracol is giving RCN is monumental and it seems that parity will not be achieved during the World Cup in Qatar. However, it must be clarified that this is at a sporting level, because in terms of soap operas and productions, the competition between both channels is still alive.

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