The sludge treatment has started

The sludge treatment has started


the road to Paris, we guess it is not eaten by the vegetation. As a central element of the former sewage treatment plant of the Mill Apparent, former ” digester “, is currently the subject of attention of the teams of Grand Poitiers in charge of the rehabilitation of the site.

Since Monday, it is mainly the contents of the digester of interest: 3.000 to 4.000 m of sewage sludge that have been there for ten years. “Before, the sludge was treated by a biological process of degradation. Today, it is a kind of vase ,” explains Ludovic Richet, in charge of operation for Grand Poitiers on the site of the Mill is Apparent.

A kind of vessel

for several weeks, this “vase “drained by the company TPMG will pass into a machine which, in three stages, will” dry ” these famous sludge. In the end of the chain, we get a kind of granular matter black, sand-like.
What to do next with this material? “We will conduct tests during the coming weeks. If there is too much heavy metals, the sludge will leave the center of the landfill. Otherwise, they could go to a composting centre ,” says Ludovic Richet.
once it has been emptied, the digester will be kept as many elements of the old wastewater treatment plant. Preserving industrial heritage, Grand Poitiers aspires to establish an educational use of the site.

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