The small Hike 100 caravan is not very demanding and will carry everything you need

The smallest version of the model line brings a lot of functions in an extremely compact, yet competent design. Modern advantages need to be paid for.

Winnebago Industries has been producing motor homes and caravans since February 1958. A long history has been a prerequisite for the gradual formation of a diverse offer to meet the specific needs of customers and their budgets. The company’s portfolio includes solving the problem of space, specifically experienced designers have tackled the almost impossible task of keeping the dimensions of the home to a minimum without affecting comfort. The ideal compromise called the Hike 100 is not very demanding and will bring everything you need.

This year’s novelty is the smallest they have ever made in Iowa. The cut floor plan and reduced weight allow you to tow any vehicle from a medium size. In addition to a wider range of traffic options, the welcome advantage for many is more friendly maneuverability and easier parking during the trip and during longer storage.

The light-footed trailer does not extend or widen the tracks behind the towing car, it has a compact length of 4.5 meters within the caravans. The width of about two meters smaller allows you to watch what is happening behind the set in ordinary mirrors without the need to attach the usual extensions. The weight reaches 1.2 tons, after maximum loading the chassis will carry another 680 kilograms. The roof is about two meters from the floor due to the straightness of any adult.

Despite his savings with the Hike 100, he did not lose the typical Winnebago exterior accessories. The customer can count on a system of several external mounting points that can support additional equipment from external suppliers. For example, those interested can purchase a wide range of Thule accessories to suit their personal needs. Of course, the awnings are compatible with the three accessible directions of the caravan.

The sober size is projected into the interior in millimeter-precise placement. Inside is the basic conditions of modest living, the luxury looks different, the more surprising the choice of configuration. Hike 100 brings several ways of layout of furniture and nooks, it is not a problem to supply a fixed king-size bed supplemented by another bed, a smaller bedroom and a larger dining area aka living room will be created. All architectural puzzles are accompanied by a modest kitchen equipped with a microwave, refrigerator and sink. One wall is adjacent to the toilet and shower doped with a roughly 23-liter hot water tank, while for further consumption without connections, an additional 117 liters of water is prepared and the gray water can hold a 95-liter tank.

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The source of energy for heating the water and running the caravan are the sun’s rays caught by the solar panel on the roof. The 190 W photovoltaic system occupies only a part of the roof in order to preserve the storage space, in addition to the translucent window, for example, a kayak or an antenna for data reception can fit over the passengers’ heads.

The solution to the almost impossible arrangement of all the most necessary elements was reflected in the price. The smallest Hike 100 costs a million crowns ($ 44,504), which is more than a larger model, but it does not have such modern technology in a small package.