The smell of burning and the smoke from the Gironde fires reach Poitou

It is the firefighters of Deux-Sèvres who reveal the information this Tuesday morning. Followed in stride by those of Vienne and the University Hospital of Poitiers. The smell of burning and the unusual color of the sky come from the fires in Gironde, carried to Poitou by the wind which turned and strengthened last night.

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During the night of Monday to Tuesday, the wind carried the smoke and the particles towards the South of New Aquitaine. This Tuesday morning, he was going up this inland and to the North. The phenomenon is observed in several other departments, including Dordogne and Charente. ATMO, the regional air observatory, therefore notes a significant deterioration in air quality, and regularly carries out analyses. The Regional Health Agency calls on sensitive people to limit their outings and avoid outdoor physical activities.

A less thick veil, with a westerly wind

At midday this morning, the situation has changed again. The wind once again changed direction, carrying the residues towards the east and no longer towards Poitou. “It’s swirling and unstable”, recognizes the communication from ATMO, which does not make forecasts for the next few hours.

At the last report, established this Tuesday morning by the firefighters, 19,370 hectares were devastated by the flames in Gironde, where the fires have been raging for a week.