The social house tries again

Throwing next Saturday The social house its doors open again. In that Youtube series, Flemish influencers have to live together in a holiday home. Last year, the first season was stopped prematurely after criticism: there was too little diversity among the residents, and just when the corona measures were tightened up again, they were allowed to go about their business.

Production house Wunderbaar previously announced that it had used the break ‘to read, listen and talk’ about that criticism. Still, the cast is very similar to the previous one. Steffie Mercie (595,000 followers on Tiktok), her boyfriend Gerben Tuerlincks (205,000 followers), Sarah Bossuwe (583,000 followers), Michael Amani (135,000 followers), Elias Verwilt (545,000 followers) and Jonatan Medart (499,000 followers) are all making a comeback.

With Stien Edlund (4.1 million followers on Tiktok) and Flo Windey (who presents on StuBru and VTM), two well-known names dropped out. They will be replaced by Hariette Sylva (183,000 followers) and Aaron De Groeve (144,000 followers). (bpr)