the solidarity campaign falters and says goodbye to the Telethon

Do you remember the face of Don Francisco when you interviewed President Michelle Bachelet in 2015 and she told you that she would change the entire Cabinet? Yes, that bit of surprise that even became a WhatsApp sticker.

Well, that same face was drawn on Sunday night on the faces of Cristián de la Fuente and Angélica Castro, the hosts of the TV + program “With friends at home,” when the animator confessed that now he will say goodbye at 27 hours of love.

“I have to deliver the Telethon this year, with all the pain in my soul and always making myself available to help, but a new generation has to come for the next forty years,” warned the historic Mario Kreutzberger.

The 79-year-old animator has been at the forefront of the solidarity crusade in its 31 editions. However, the passage of time and the confinement have served him to reflect on life, chew on the idea of ​​goodbye and make one last effort to help those affected by the pandemic.

Moreover, during these months he has worked piolita in his home to define if he will finally carry out the project, which in the beginning would be a kind of “Chile helps Chile”. And what happened, ah? The program that at the beginning was enlisted almost as a national chain, with the most important faces of the show, no longer runs.

For now, Don Francisco is working to deliver a concrete proposal to the National Television Association for evaluation. That is why sources linked to the organization blew that there is nothing confirmed yet, not even estimated dates, although rumors point to next month.

Without noise

Close to the original brightness they blew that “we have not had new meetings. There were two, at the beginning of all this. I have heard that there is an interest in doing something in September, but it may just be a rumor, they have not summoned us, nothing. This depends a lot on the spirit of Don Francisco, he manages the issue ”.

For this reason, they assure that if it is carried out, it will be with a much lower profile than that of the Telethon or that other solidarity campaigns have had, such as “Chile helps Chile” after 27 / F.

And to find out the firmness regarding the crusade, La Cuarta contacted Anatel, and the president of the union, Ernesto Corona, warned that “the project is still under study and nothing is defined. They are working and evaluating the possibilities ”.

Of course, he made it clear that “Mario (Kreutzberger) has done an intense job with the support of competent people and has some outlined ideas, but there is still no clarity. In the next few days we will have meetings to define ”.


The idea of ​​carrying out a solidarity campaign to help those who have had a bad time with the bug caught on in the television industry and several faces are glued to the phone playing ludo while waiting for the call to join, as they have not officially shown signs to the respect.

One of them is Francisco Saavedra, who sent to say that “I am available and they can count on me for whatever they need.”

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