Guillermo Coria post photos on their social networks with Roman, Santiago Y Baptist, the young tennis players who train together with the Argentine team of Davis cup and they lend themselves to a relaxed chat with Infobae, in the preparation of the series that begins on Friday before Colombia, valid by Playoffs of the World Group.

Román Burruchaga, in addition to being a promise, is the son of the former world champion and current manager of the Selection. He is the first to answer the questions of Infobae: "We are very happy to be the sparring of the Davis cup. They make us feel part of the team and we want to make the most of this experience ". While, Bautista Torres, born in Vicente López, adds with a good face: "It's a pride to be training with such playersIt's a very nice experience for the 3 ".

On the other hand, Santiago De La Fuente, the most brazen of the trio, says that the sense of belonging is key at the time of training: "They treat us like we are team players, I think we have to live this because of the effort and sacrifice we make. "

It is clear that they are buddies, because they walk together from one place to another. With his hands in his pockets, and a certain touch of shyness, Roman explains that tennis made them friends: "With Santi and Bauti, we know each other a lot, we get along, we are always together and we share tournaments. "At the same time, his colleague adds:"The personality of the tennis player is important, each player is different"

Santiago De La Fuente, born in Dolores, also shares his feelings in the previous crossing before the coffee growers. "Coria teaches us to listen to the coach. He told us that He did not trust his coaches and then realized his mistake. That is why he points out that leaning on them is fundamental to progress. It's very nice for someone like him to come and advise you. "

"Sometimes I start thinking and I say wow is teaching me things cat Gaudio, or the Wizard Coria, and I think we have to value it. The first face-to-face with them was a crazy thing, just like training with Willy White hair and to mark things to improve, "he adds.

With a permanent smile, Baptist top the idea of Santiago as if it were a smash on the net: "Training with them is incredible, they ask us that all the balls go inside, but for them it is very easy because they came to be Top Ten"

Bautista Torres, from Vicente López, he also appeals to his memory to tell the learning that the present captains left him when they played in the circuit: "When Coria and Gaudio played that famous final in Paris, I was very small, but I saw several videos and I thought it was a crazy thing. Also, I always follow Diego Schwartman, and having him here training is an opportunity that is not presented to everyone. "

The young member of the delegation albiceleste He is mature because of the experiences he has acquired with his idols. This is because the point of inflection in his career occurred in adolescence. "When I decided that I wanted to dedicate myself to professional tennis I was 14 years old. I talked with my parents and my coach, I changed school to stop doing double schooling and be able to have more time to train. Today I think it was the right decision. "

While, Santiago de la Fuente remember some sacrifices he had to make in his early years: "I decided to go to a tennis academy in Buenos Aires and I had to stop going to school. So I started studying online. I almost never go to my house to see my family because I train all week and I have tournaments permanently. "

Finally, Roman he is sure of himself: "I really can not imagine doing anything other than playing tennis, but if it does not happen, maybe play soccer or study something"The heir of Burruchaga he carries in his blood DNA of a winner, given that in the past he managed, together with Santiago, win the World Sub 14 in Republic Czech. "My idol is Djokovic, but the best in history Federer", admits the porteño and closes with a warning:" Although they say that my dad is from Independiente, some believe that he put me Román by Riquelme, but I I'm a River fan"


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