The flying customs of Mulhouse checked Monday, July 13 a van, registered in Slovakia which was transporting a hundred purebred puppies and was heading for Spain. The time of the control, the animals were entrusted to the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) which was concerned about the condition of the puppies, ” hungry and dehydrated According to a volunteer. The driver and his passenger, heard by customs, admitted that several puppies had lost their lives during the journey.

After the usual checks, the vehicle was able to resume the road with its load; the papers of the animals were in order as well as those of the vehicle. “ These transports are carried out in deplorable conditions », Explains Hugues Zech, the director of the SPA of Mulhouse Haute Alsace to the newspaper L’Alsace. “ But we can’t help it
make ». « A real scandal »Adds the SPA which has decided to launch a petition.

An online petition

As of Tuesday, July 21, the petition had collected more than 13,800 signatures. The SPA denounces ” odious traffic »And affirms that a hundred puppies thus transit every fortnight from Slovakia to a pet store in Spain.

« It is probable that puppies still perished during the transport of more than 1,000 km to Spain, especially on a scorching day when the temperature in the van can certainly approach over 40 ºC, with random ventilation and no air conditioning. », Deplores the SPA in the text accompanying this petition.


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