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The SPA in Spanish politics

The elected deputy of the PSOE for Barcelona and leader of the PSC, ...

Meritxell Batet, after being elected this Tuesday president of the Congress for the XIII Legislature.

The Brazilian psychiatrist Augusto Cury, who writes high-level self-help books with great success, has diagnosed a new disease and has baptized it as Accelerated Thought Syndrome (SPA). A disease product of digital anxiety that accelerates the mind to a terrifying speed. According to Dr. Cury, millions of people suffer from the evil of the century, whose symptoms are chronic dissatisfaction, excess of useless information, memory deficit – they read the page of a book or newspaper and do not remember anything -, the low tolerance to frustration or setbacks, irritability, difficulty in enduring creative loneliness, and other similar harms. We have built a society of emotional beggars who need many stimuli to feel crumbs of pleasure. Or to forget the emotional discomfort, or to be able to live without more.

This syndrome has fully reached the Spanish policy. It is not necessary to see and listen to the evolutions, the glances and the statements of the political leaders of the opposition to get oneself from the SPA. Or to suffer an attack of acute anxiety that ends up in Doctor Cury's office.

Thus, in light of the acceleration of the mind with an intensity never before seen, it is explained that every day the leaders of the opposition get out of bed thinking that it is the last day of Pedro Snchez in La Moncloa, when he has not even been submitted to the second investiture. Thus, the greeting from Sanchez to Junqueras in the full constitution of the Congress, passed by the SPA Turmix, results in the immediate pardon of remand prisoners. And the Parliament -word derived from the French parlement, action of speaking- becomes not the place where it is spoken, but in the precinct to throw poisoned glares, turn its back on political adversaries, or deny the greeting to those who occupy it. adjacent.

The enormous and sterile speed of the thoughts of some political leaders can also lead to consider that a delay of 24 hours in the suspension of the deputies inmates – legally unavoidable – is the proof of the nine of the connivance of the new president of Congress with criminals and seditious.

It is possible that tomorrow's elections triggered the SPA of the opposition. And that after the 26-M those leaders so hot, fiery and impulsive lift the foot of the accelerator of thought. Ms worth. Because four years with the stimuli fired the same will be many. For them and for us.

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