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The Spanish risk premium drops to 113 points due to the rise of the "bund"

Madrid, Nov 6 (EFE) .- The Spanish debt risk premium has started the session at 113 basis points, one less than yesterday, after interest on the 10-year German bond rose to 0.435% since the 0.426% previous.

The performance of the domestic bond of the same term -whose differential with the "bund" marks the risk premium- was reduced to 1.561% compared to the previous 1.566%, according to the market data collected by Efe.

In today's agenda, the attention is, as yesterday, in the Supreme Court, which will resume its analysis on the doctrine of the recent ruling that considered that the bank should assume the payment of the tax of documented legal acts (AJD) of the mortgages, and not the client.

In the US, voters go to the polls to renew the House of Representatives and a third of the Senate, in addition to electing 36 governors, in a poll that was proposed as a plebiscite to the administration of President Donald Trump.

In Brussels, investors will be watching the meeting of Ecofin, the Council of Ministers of Economy and Finance of the EU.

As for the countries considered peripheral in the euro area, Italy maintained its country risk unchanged early in 290 points, shortly before the electric company Enel and the bank Intesa Sanpaolo published their results for the first nine months of the year.

Nor did Portugal's risk premium vary in the first hour, which was still 146, while that of Greece rose by one point and totaled 387 points.

The debt default insurance ("credit default swaps"), amount that must be paid to guarantee an investment of ten million dollars, increased for Spain to 120,080 dollars from the previous 120,040, and for Italy, to 289,410 dollars , from yesterday's 286,920.


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