The SpongeBob anime premieres its first episode!

spongebob anime

By this point, they most likely already know about openings and endings of Sponge Bob anime style. Well, the author of these animations, Narmark has finally fulfilled the dream of many, and has released the first episode of the anime of Sponge Bob completely free.

The episode, which lasts just under 15 minutes, It is completely in Japanese, has English subtitles and has the visual style that has characterized to Narmark’s previous work. In less than 24 hours, the first chapter of the anime of Sponge Bob, which begins the Bubble Bass arc, already has nearly two million views.

However, at the moment it is unknown when we will see the next episode of this anime. Let’s just hope that the period between chapters isn’t that long. On related topics, an illustration from Dragon Ball reveals the last moments of Frieza’s life from a new perspective. Similarly, a sensational figure manages to capture the essence of Majin Vegeta.


Via: Narmark

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