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The spooky crabs are hiding in their food – including mites and roundworms

A biomedical student used a microscope to discover what is on the surface of our fresh food.

Forget bed bugs – 28-year-old biomedical student Martin Kaae Kristiansen decided to find out which scary creepy-crawlies lurk in the meals we eat.

Martin discovered with a powerful microscope at the Danish University of Aalborg a whole world of organisms that hid in fresh vegetables that he had bought in a normal grocery store.

From carrots and potatoes to celery and leeks, his microscope showed that insects were not safe – mites, aphids, roundworms, mosquitoes and larvae lurked in the vegetables.


Martin said, "With the microscope I could magnify things more than 1,000 times.

"Celery and leeks were by far the best place to find the bugs.

"In my samples, I found mostly dead insects, mites, and aphids, and some of the dead insects were even covered with mold.

The researchers used a powerful microscope to capture the insects

"Of the living insects that I found, there was a selection of mites, mosquito larvae, roundworms, Tardigrades, an unidentified larva, and of course many bacteria.

"I made sure that at least two of each organism were present, so I could say with some confidence that it was not just a coincidence."

For those who refuse to eat vegetables again and again, for fear of which insects you are dealing with, Martin has offered some preparation techniques.

They found mites, mosquito larvae, roundworms, Tardigrades, an unknown larva and many bacteria

Martin Kaae Kristiansen

He said, "Washing the vegetables helps a lot.

"If you cook the vegetables, the living insects should die, and if not, your stomach acid will most likely kill them.

"But in the end it's just more protein."



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