The sports clubs of Montluçon (Allier) have signed their agreements with the town hall

This Friday, May 13, 13 sports associations met in the administrative city, around the mayor, Frédéric Laporte, and his sports assistant, Romain Lefebvre, to sign their agreements and receive their grants.

12 of these clubs have received grants in excess of 23,000 euros. The only exception is the volleyball club, which will receive 19,200 euros. In total, the grants of the day show a sum of 896,000 euros. Beyond these contracted clubs, the municipality pays, in all, more than one million euros, distributed to 78 sports and school associations.

The football club comes out on top with a grant of 179,000 euros, followed closely by Blanzat Sport Montluçon, 165,000 euros. The swimming club, very impacted by the health crisis of recent years because of the configuration of the training places, leaves with an envelope of 40,000 euros.

The athletics and basketball clubs will not be jealous, each with an envelope of 24,000 euros. Slightly overtaken by the boxing club, the oldest sports club in the city, which is offered 25,000 euros.

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Frédéric Laporte concluded the evening by recalling the importance of sport, an “essential activity” for the well-being and dynamism of the city.

Essential and expensive

“Despite this certainty, we cannot ignore the past and future difficulties, with the constant increase in costs. “Assuring that he wanted to maintain the budgets for as long as possible, the mayor nevertheless wanted to recall that “the municipality will also have to face increasingly high costs. »

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The clubs, already in pain of volunteers and for some of the licensees, will therefore have to “be even more demanding on the management of their budget”, specifies Frédéric Laporte. At the national level, there are already 45% fewer volunteers. A situation that could become critical if subsidies were to drop.

Delphine Simoneau