The Squeezie Grand Prix is ​​already sold out

If Internet users had to wait several months before the Squeezie Grand Prix ticket office finally opened its doors, it didn’t take that long for it to be sold out. The 20,000 seats planned for the event sold out in barely 3 days.

During his participation in ZEvent 2020, among many colorful donation goals, Squeezie undertook to organize a Formula 4 Grand Prix if he received 100,000 euros in donations. And as everyone knows, thing promised, thing due!

After long months of radio silence that didn’t bode well, this adrenaline-charged competition finally got people talking. At the beginning of April, the youtubeur lifted the veil on his Grand Prix Explorer, a competition which will take place on October 8, 2022 on the emblematic Bugatti Circuit in Le Mans.

Instagram @grandprix_explorer

Squeezie will be one of the 20 participants in this Grand Prix Explorer.

For the occasion, Squeezie has assembled a 5-star cast with Deujna, Gotaga, LeBouseuh, Domingo, Xari, Joyca and many others.

Internet users have responded

As you would expect with an event of such magnitude, as soon as the ticket office opened, the crowds were such that the site had some failures. The 20,000 places planned for this event were sold out in less than 3 days.

The Grand Prix can also be followed live from the Bugatti circuit on Twitch, with a crazy atmosphere provided by the essential duo, Kameto and Doigby.

Fortunately, all hope does not seem to be lost for those who failed to secure places. Squeezie announced in his tweet that a few places may be put back on sale at the start of the school year. All you have to do is cross your fingers!