The SRS repeatedly suspends the payment of “envelope salaries” in the beauty company “Kolonna” / Article

For the second time in two years, the Tax and Customs Police of the State Revenue Service (SRS) has caught one of the largest beauty salon networks in Latvia – “Kolonna”, to pay envelope salaries, according to information available to Latvian Television (LTV). The company has undergone 20 searches, and it is estimated that more than 844,000 euros have not been paid in taxes since the end of 2019. The company has also received a downtime allowance, which will now have to be repaid.

Until the first case of tax fraud has been submitted for prosecution, the SRS has repeatedly caught the beauty company “Kolonna” for tax evasion in a large amount, as well as paid the envelope salary. The SRS pointed out that after the first time in 2019, fraud with envelope salaries had subsided for only a few months and then resumed.

Kaspars Podiņš, Director of the SRS Tax and Customs Police Department, pointed out: “The share of official salaries increased slightly. At first it seemed that there would be improvements, but then we saw no. “

The search took place in a total of 15 beauty salons in five cities – Riga, Liepaja, Jurmala, Limbazi and Madona.

An employee of the company had thrown 9,000 euros into the waste container while trying to hide the evidence.

During the search, lists were drawn up showing the hours worked by each employee and how much he or she would be entitled to in an envelope, as well as the official salary.

The manager of Kolonna is the Latvian-German joint venture SIA Reho. Since the beginning of 2020, Jānis Lasmanis became the sole owner of Reho. Neither he nor other official representatives of the company could find out the opinion on Monday.

The Revenue Service stated that in the period from the end of 2019 to the present, the company had 350 to 400 employees. Some of them also worked when it was not allowed and at the same time received downtime benefits. How much has been unduly received from the state budget has not yet been calculated. Meanwhile, the industry association condemns the cost of envelope wages due to unfair competition.

Renāte Reinsone, President of the Latvian Association of Cosmetologists and Cosmetologists, noted: unequal competition. “

The beauticians’ association noted that due to the specifics of the industry, it is more difficult for large companies to exist, so the share of self-employed in beauty care is very high.

It is currently estimated that the loss to the state budget could be at least 844,000 thousand euros. If the culprit of the responsible employee is proved, violations can be subject not only to a fine, but also to imprisonment for up to four years.

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