“The staff and associations who are going to drink”

Brigitte Vaïsse (elected opposition, PS) : “It is therefore the staff of the community and associations who will drink […] You are putting millions into the city center as business closures continue! It is not a gateway that will change things. Your policy is led for an upscale city, a city reserved for those who can afford it […] Let’s talk about mobility, cycling: we need secure cycle paths and tracks around high schools and colleges […] The high service level bus is essential, we recognize that; but we also and above all want passing buses. “

Manon Pellicori (Opposition Member, EELV) : “I would like to focus on two elements of this budgetary orientation report. First, car traffic, soft modes and transportation: I can’t wait to see these achievements even as you have reopened downtown to cars. As for public transport, users are still struggling […] While everyone has seen that the public service has been abused in recent years, the health crisis being the perfect example, the report mentions the drop in grants to associations and the desired reduction in the wage bill… ”

Philippe Noller (Opposition Elector, PCF) : “The largest mass of municipal employees are found in the technical services. So do we still want cabinetmakers in Thionville? Plumbers? What does versatility mean for these real jobs? You talk about digital, etc. But repairing a toilet in a school cannot be done on a smartphone: you need arms and a screwdriver. “

Pierre Cuny (mayor of Thionville) : “Yes Madame Vaïsse, that people say that my city is upscale, I’m happy!” Yes, Thionville is a top-of-the-range city in terms of social, health, digital development, etc. For years, Thionville had no image. Today it gains inhabitants, be proud […] I claim a high-end territory but not an elitist city. “

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