The star of Stranger Things lost almost 40 kilos for the latest season – Now he revealed his secret

All we can say in advance is that the method is not complicated.

David Harbor is known to the whole world as Jim Hopper in the first season of Stranger Things. However, the pot-bellied policeman, who constantly smokes and munches on donuts, has completely transformed for the fourth season. (Of course, this is not surprising in light of the fact that he spent roughly eight months in a Siberian prison.)

The actor also reported on how he prepared for the latest season of the Netflix series, LadBible noticed. Of course, we could also see that he had lost a lot of weight, as he flashed a checkered stomach in the shirtless scenes, not to mention that his face had become particularly sunken. Speaking on BBC Breakfast, he revealed:

“I was 270 pounds at the end of the third season and 190 when we started this season.”

Just to make the calculation a little easier for a European head: 270 pounds is about 122 kilos, while 190 is about 86. This means that everyone Hopper got rid of roughly 36 kilos before filming. Not bad!

She also revealed how she managed to reach her target weight, although this may come as a surprise to few.

“It’s not easy, there’s a lot of not eating and starvation if you want to lose that much weight. This is the secret if someone is interested in your diet: it’s just that you don’t eat.”

Of course it’s easy to say!