The State Department announced the readiness of the US to compete with Russia on the EU gas market

The State Department announced the readiness of the US to compete with Russia on
 the EU gas market

Sandra Oudkirk, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State of the USA in the commentary “RIA News” said that US energy companies are ready to compete with Russia on the gas market in Europe. According to her, the States can not supply Europe with the same volumes of gas as Russia, but their companies are ready to “sell gas around the world.” “The US already competes with Russia as an exporter of LNG and oil on the global market. We are ready to compete in the EU market by supplying gas, “the representative of the State Department said.

Oudkirk also came forward on the Atlantic Council, where she noted that the blocking of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline will not affect Russia’s policy in the international arena.

“I think everyone understands, like the US administration, that by blocking the” Nord Stream “we will not seek to change Russia’s behavior. But it is possible [in this way] to support Ukraine in its quest for a European future, “Oudrik said.

At the same time, the representative of the State Department recalled that the gas pipeline project is to create a new pipeline and infrastructure in place of the former ones, remaining from the Soviet Union, but gas transit will bypass Ukraine. “I think that this is not good, the administration is sure that this is not good,” she added.

Earlier, the Prime Minister of Poland reported , that the United States should first impose sanctions against the Nord Stream-2 project. “This gas pipeline is not just a business project, as we are trying to assure in Germany. Because of it, Ukrainians will be cut off from gas supplies, “the politician summed up.

The fact that the Nord Stream is “not just an economic project” declared On 12 March, the Speaker of the Estonian Parliament, Eiki Nestor. According to him, Estonia has joined the statements of Latvia, Lithuania and Poland opposing the construction of the gas pipeline.

“Nord Stream-2” according to the plan must pass along the bottom of the Baltic Sea. This pipeline will be able to pump 55 billion cubic meters. m of gas annually. The cost of the project is € 9.5 billion.

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