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The State Duma told who has the right to recalculate pensions

MOSCOW, April 14 – RIA News. State Duma Deputy Dmitry Ionin told the portal who may be entitled to additional pension payments due to unrecorded working experience.

According to him, this question concerns mainly residents of the regions, where there are many harmful industries.

"These are veterans of all large enterprises: metallurgical, mines, military productions," the parliamentarian explained.

So, in early April, Nikolai Vasilyev, a resident of the Sverdlovsk region, was recalculated for 12 years and paid 370,000 rubles for unrecorded years of work with harsh conditions in the Far North.

As noted by Ionin, there were similar examples in the region before that.

"There was an electric welder from Nizhny Tagil, who once worked in Vorkuta, they returned one hundred thousand rubles to him. A worker from the Nizhny Tagil metallurgical combine was added 1600 rubles to monthly payments and returned 81 thousand rubles," the source said. According to him, there were cases when payments reached the amount of half a million rubles.

Persons serving in the army, wives of the military, as well as people who were unreasonably arrested may face the problem of unrecorded length of time, Ionin added. In addition, recalculation can be applied by those who were on maternity leave and parental leave, took care of disabled people, or were temporarily disabled.

Many do not even know that they are supposed to receive additional payments, the deputy stressed.

“That is, grandmothers and grandfathers, having taken a hunch at enterprises, should then follow the latest legislation: look through the“ Consultant Plus ”system or buy the“ Rossiyskaya Gazeta ”. This is nonsense,” he believes.

As told Ionin, earlier in the State Duma have already made a bill proposing to give a separate agency the right to conduct checks on the correctness of the accrual of payments.

“The draft law was not rejected directly, it turned out slyly: we needed a response from the government, which did not arrive at the appointed time. But we will continue to propose,” said the parliamentarian.



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