The state parliament becomes a large television studio – state politics – news

Almost 1,000 media representatives expected

But before the newly elected members of parliament can claim their future jobs, the “upper house” must first survive a huge media frenzy. Because the state elections in the most populous federal state, which are also often referred to as “small federal elections”, attract enormous interest. Almost 1,000 media representatives are expected in Parliament on Sunday.

You work for regional and national media: press, daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, TV– and radio stations, news and picture agencies, Social-Media-Editorial offices and blogs. Most of them come from North Rhine-Westphalia and all over Germany. According to the state parliament, international media have also registered – including from France, Austria, the Czech Republic and Japan.

State parliament becomes the press center for the election

So that everyone can work smoothly, the state parliament is quickly transformed into a kind of press center. Final preparations will be made on Saturday. While the passers-by are strolling along the Rhine outside in bright sunshine, there is a hustle and bustle just a few meters further in the state parliament. Cameras are set up, spotlights positioned and cables laid. In the end it should be around 30 kilometers.