The stinking report of the state of the state whose nails were removed!

ANKARA. Experienced financer and economist Aykut Erdoğdu said, “A month ago, our chairman, Kemal Bey, called me. ‚We don’t know what will happen if we win the election. Go to Ankara and call experts from all institutions. Establish a committee and analyze the situation of our state, its first and immediate works and damage assessment.’ he instructed. As a result of our three-week work in Ankara, we encountered a grave situation. Normally we would never share the results of this study. Because the results were frightening. We would try to settle it as quietly as possible. However, I feel obliged to share some of the results of the work we have done at the stage we have arrived at.”


Erdoğdu underlined that he will not share the entire work for the sake of the state and the nation, and continued as follows:

“We did most of this work with open sources. I am aware of the importance of this writing and the danger it poses for me and my colleagues. Let me just remind you that we have the National Forces in our genes. And we are proud of that spirit. We don’t want to pay the price. But even if there is a price to be paid, we do not run away.”


Stating that the government had to work with nationalist and Kemalist cadres because they did not have qualified cadres to fill the seats vacated by FETO after July 15, Erdoğdu said, “Since they never trusted these cadres, they placed personnel from religious sects and congregations they saw in each institution. They carry out their private affairs through the hands of these personnel they have placed. At the same time, these personnel are constantly watching the nationalist and Kemalist personnel whom they do not trust but are obliged to work for.”

Stating that the most private information of the state is in the hands of the aforementioned sects, Erdoğdu said, “The most powerful team is HAKYOLCULAR. It is the appointed ‘little princes’ that disturb the statesmen the most.

national security

Noting that he cannot share all the results of the work done on national security, the CHP member said, “Let me tell you this much. There are heroes we should cherish at every level in our General Staff, MIT Presidency and General Directorate of Security. These heroes are trying to do their duty as much as they can by resisting political pressures. These cadres are already providing the security of the state. They are very disturbed by the situation in which the state has been brought down. They convey this situation to the highest authorities at every opportunity.”

Stating that the police and the military are under investigation pressure, Erdoğdu said, “Unfortunately, family problems, financial difficulties, debt, psychological problems and suicides are very common among the personnel. There are risks that put our national security under imminent threat. Diplomacy to reduce these risks remains weak. In particular, there are foci that expect our economy to weaken further and our state to deteriorate further. At our weakest moment, they will come up with the most impossible demands. We are aware of the situation and will be following it constantly. The last word on this issue is that the money to buy the blood of our Mehmetçi has not been printed yet. We are not a nation that will be legionnaires of proxy wars.”


Erdoğdu gave the following information under the title of finance:

“There are not many problems on the finance side. Infrastructure for tax collection has been established. But there are chartered companies that don’t pay taxes. There is great discomfort among technocrats about the ignorance of these, the failure to implement the results of tax inspection reports, and the deletion of the taxes of some groups in the reconciliation commissions. MASAK is completely blinded. Experts are not employed. MASAK’s monitoring authority is used only for political affairs.“


Stating that the painting was very heavy in the Treasury, Erdoğdu used the following statements:

“The cadres have been destroyed. Deputy Ministers run the business with a few recruited advisors. Technical staff are not involved. There is no problem in the Treasury in terms of income, tax revenues are very good. But there is a terrible increase in expenses, debts and contingent liabilities. The Treasury was emptied due to the election. Almost all of the deficit projected in the annual budget has been spent. The accumulated duty loss of BOTAŞ alone is over 300 billion liras. The burden from EYT is approximately 200 billion. KKM is waiting like a grenade with the pin pulled out. We need at least 600 billion liras of additional resources for the earthquake. Most of the proceeds go to guarantee payments.

Looks like the treasury has cash. However, these deposits cannot be withdrawn from public banks. Because public banks have turned into black holes. If the Treasury withdraws the money, interest rates jump. I cannot write the details about public banks. Let me tell you this much. If there is a movement in the exchange rate or interest (which it has to be), we are burned out. And what did we burn? It is not possible to see the beginning of September with the current budget. An additional budget of at least 1.5 trillion lira is required. All of you be prepared for additional taxes. Private banks have secured themselves to some extent with KGF and KKM. However, a currency or interest rate shock may leave a few banks to be rescued at the door of the treasury. My last word about banks is that the NPL figure is not correct. The Banks Act prevents me from saying more than that.“


Stating that the heaviest picture was in the Central Bank, Erdoğdu noted that the foreign exchange reserves decreased to -70 billion dollars, and this amount reached this figure despite the fact that there was more than 100 billion dollars in Currency Protected Deposits (KKM).

Stating that there is no foreign currency left even for imports in Turkey, Aykut Erdoğdu said, “Our foreign trade deficit is at the highest level in history, and we have to find a financing of 200 billion dollars within a year. CDS is at its highest level in history. That is, we borrow money at usurer interest. However, we cannot find foreign currency. Currently, foreign exchange sales and gold imports have actually stopped. Because there is no currency. The Central Bank looks technically bankrupt. We can enter a foreign debt repayment crisis at any moment,” he said.


Erdoğdu used the following lines in the continuation:

“I don’t see the need to write anything about the rest of the state. The pillars of our state have been rotted. Columns cut off. Our economy will collapse with the earthquake that will occur in 6-9 months. Erdogan and his team will leave our nation under this rubble. The more severe the earthquake, the greater the destruction, the greater the pressure and intimidation will be. But no power can suppress a hungry Nation. Therefore, even if Erdogan wins, he will not be able to move the country for 5 years and early elections will be held.”

„There is Salvation BUT THE PRICE IS HEAVY“

Erdoğdu gave the following answer to the question “How can we get rid of it?”:

“Let me say it without twisting the word. Salvation has a price, and we will all pay that price together. The question is who will pay how much. Will those who steal and beat this period pay this price or is it our nation that has been broken by poverty? Now do you understand why we’re chasing $418 billion? Because we had no other choice. So, can this money be collected? Very difficult. But we will do our best. How much we can save.”


Erdoğdu stated that they will receive the current additional tax if they come to power, and said, “We will collect more tax from less and more. Otherwise, millions of earthquake survivors will enter the winter homeless. We cannot afford this. We also need foreign currency like bread and water. We will have to bring in external resources. There is no other way. This is the state of the Turkish economy. Now, do you understand why Mehmet Şimşek does not accept the task.


Erdoğdu ended his post with the following words:

“I say it with all my heart. Erdogan secretly wants to vote for Kılıçdaroğlu and destroy the wreckage on him. But he can’t. He cannot transfer power even for a day. You know the reason. Under these conditions, we go to the second round. We are striving to win this election knowingly at the cost. Like butterflies flying into the fire… The decision belongs to the Supreme Turkish Nation…“

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2023-05-18 15:29:22