The story of a man who panicked for his wife and lost his money to treat her for cancer… and when she recovered, she confessed to him the shocking thing!

Al-Marsad newspaper: During an interview with the “Al-Ajaweed” program broadcast on the “Al-Majd” satellite channel, the narrator, Saleh Al-Hussaini, told a story that took place 40 years ago, about a man who panicked for his wife and lost his money to treat her for cancer, and after she recovered, he was surprised by what he did not expect.

Wife’s cancer

He started the story by saying, the man named Abdul Karim and he and his brothers worked in a factory owned by their father, and he married his cousin, and two weeks later his father died, and a month later his wife became ill and it was found that she had cancer, and she required her treatment to travel outside the Arab world.

A woman surprises her husband that she loves someone else

He continued, Abdul Karim sold the factory and took the entire inheritance without giving his brothers their share, and spent the money on treating his wife, which lasted for 5 years, until she recovered, and they returned to their country, and his wife went to her family’s home.

And he added, Abdul Karim was visiting his wife in her family’s house, and she asked him to talk to him and told him that she did not want him, and asked for a divorce, saying: “You are satisfied with living with one who loves one other than you.” She indicated that she was communicating with this person by phone during her treatment.

The husband’s trial is a tribal trial

And he continued, Abdul Karim became agitated and directed angry expressions to his wife, and when her father heard his voice, he asked him why he was angry, he told him what his daughter had said, so his last lie, and she accused him of cheating on her, her father expelled him.

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He pointed out that one of Abdul Karim’s uncles told him that the family wanted to try him a tribal trial, and while he was attending this customary trial, he confirmed what his wife had told him. cancer.

Obligating the husband to pay the sum of 6 million and slaughter a camel

And he continued, when the wife came, she swore by the Qur’an that she did not talk to him about divorce or that she loved someone else, adding that they had sentenced Abdul Karim to pay the sum of 6 million, and he would put flags from his house to their house and slaughter a camel between every flag and flag. bringing the total amount to 8 million.

He explained, that Abdul Karim sold his house and collected his money and his brothers helped him until he collected the amount of 8 million, and indicated that Abdul Karim’s other uncle married his daughter.

He said, Abdul Karim went bankrupt, so someone offered him to grant him a visa and travel to Qatar to work, and indeed he traveled and lived with Syrians, and he spent the month of Ramadan breaking his fast and performing Suhoor in mosques, and after the end of Ramadan, the people who lived with them told him that he had to find work or leave housing.

entering prison

He pointed out that in an attempt to get rid of him, one of them told Abdul Karim that he had found a job for him as a security guard, and took him to a military area, pretending that it was the workplace, and he was imprisoned.

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Work on a farm and then create a factory

And he continued, the dean summoned him and listened to his story, sympathized with him, then offered him to work on his farm for a salary of 4,000, and after a while the dean suggested to him to open a factory for him, and indeed he succeeded in operating the factory and he had 3 branches of his property in Qatar, and he brought his wife and brothers and lived with him .

The fate of the ex-man’s wife

He added, Abdul Karim’s free wife married the person she loved and gave birth to two sons, then she contracted cancer again, so her husband took their two children and moved away from her.