The Story of a Rice Cutter Finds a Naked Woman’s Body in Klaten


The body of an unidentified woman was found by residents on the edge of a rice field on the Yogya-Solo road, Hamlet Village, Delanggu District, Klaten, Central Java. The body of a young woman with a bare chest was first discovered by a rice cutter.

“I was ngerit paddy (harvesting paddy with a sickle) there with friends. The story I fit cut overheated rice,” said witness Ari Ponadi (42), as reported by detikjateng, Friday (25/3/2022).

After feeling the heat of harvesting rice at around 11.00 WIB, Ari looked for a place to rest. He then went to a location that was thick with trees on the edge of a rice field near a river.

“He wanted to take shelter while urinating at the location. Then he went down a bit again,” said Ari.

When he looked left and right, Ari was surprised to see a body lying on the ground. After that he told his comrades.

“After defecating, I looked to the right and left, there was such a (corpse) that I immediately ran around. The smell of the corpse was just as hot and I wanted to take shelter,” said Ari.

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