The story of Abil’s family, victims of the Kenjeran Park slide, one daughter has permanent disability, 2 others have broken bones – Sabrina, one of the victims of the collapse of the Kenjeran Park (Kenpark) slide in Surabaya, East Java, Saturday (7/5/2022), is permanently disabled.

Sabrina’s father, Abil Malik Syadili, said that after learning the news on Wednesday morning, Abil had not yet informed his daughter.

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Abil is worried that Sabrina will be hit when she hears about her current condition.

“Until now I have not told my child about this condition because he is not mentally ready. If he was told he would cry. Not to mention that the environment affected him,” said Abil, when met at Dr Soetomo Hospital, Wednesday (11/5/2022), quoted from Tribune. East Java.

Abil said he had conveyed the information to the Kenpark manager. Kenpark management undertakes to be responsible.

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Abil’s two children have broken bones

Apart from Sabrina, it turns out that Abil’s two other children, Siti Saadatul and Zain, were also victims of the 10-meter-high Kenpark slide.

Saadatul has a broken left leg and cannot move properly. Meanwhile, Zain suffered a broken arm and is currently being treated as an outpatient.

“My two children when sitting use a support device that costs Rp. 1.25 million. Thank God Kenpark has helped,” he said.

“Zain is currently at home with his mother. Previously, we were visited by my colleagues and friends of our three children and teachers and lecturers,” said Abil.

A number of victims are still being treated

Separately, the Secretary of the Surabaya City Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), Ridwan Mubarun, said that currently only three victims were still being treated at Dr Soetomo Hospital.

The condition of the three victims has not recovered and still needs to be observed.

“The others have all gone home, at Dr Soewandhi Hospital all have returned. Of the eight people at Dr Soetomo Hospital, only three people live,” he said.

Previously, it was reported that the Kenjeran Park slide in Surabaya, East Java, collapsed on Saturday (7/5/2022) afternoon. As a result of the incident, 17 visitors were injured.

The management of the entertainment venue will bear all costs for treating the victims of the Kenjeran Park pool slide until they are fully recovered.

Not only that, the Kenjeran Park management will also provide compensation to the victim’s family.

Temporary suspicion, the slide collapsed because it was over capacity.

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