The Story of Gojek Drivers Using Electric Motorcycles


Some online motorcycle taxi drivers (ojol) already use electric motorcycles. Gojek drivers use electric motors from Electrum. Mentioned, orders for motorcycles using electric motors increased.

The commercial trial of using the Electrum electric motorcycle for Gojek was launched less than five months ago. Orders for GoRide Electric services have doubled.

In fact, the income of motorcycle taxi drivers who use electric motors has increased. In line with the high demand, more than 70% of Gojek drivers who joined the commercial trial experienced an increase in net income of up to IDR 46,000 per day.

Electrum, which is a joint venture between Gojek and TBS Energi Utama, also achieved the one million kilometer mileage target in just 3 months.

The figure of 1 million kilometers is the distance that has been traveled cumulatively by hundreds of electric motorbike driver partners in Jakarta during the commercial trial period on various Gojek application services. The electric motor is used for passenger delivery services (GoRide Electric), food delivery services (GoFood), and goods delivery services (GoSend).

“We are very enthusiastic to see the satisfactory achievement of the ongoing commercial trials of the use of electric motors. We previously set a mileage target of 1 million kilometers to be achieved by the end of 2022. Thanks to the support and enthusiasm of the community, this target can be realized in just three months,” said Pandu Sjahrir as President Director of Electrum.

Kevin Aluqi, Co-Founder and CEO of Gojek said, the use of electric motors is not only beneficial for the environment, but also saves Gojek drivers’ daily operational costs.

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“In addition to increasing the number of orders, Gojek partners who use electric motors from Electrum can save operational costs of up to IDR 700,000 per month. This can be achieved, among others, due to savings in purchasing fuel oil (BBM), oil and battery changes that no longer need to be done , as well as the provision of routine maintenance services provided free of charge by Gogoro for the Electrum electric motorcycle produced by Gogoro,” said Kevin.

GoTo Group CEO, Andre Sulistyo added, his party is committed to achieving zero emission. By 2030, 100% of its fleet is targeted to switch to electric vehicles

“This is also in line with one of the priority issues brought by the Government of Indonesia in the G20 Presidency related to a sustainable energy transition, namely accelerating the development of the electric vehicle ecosystem,” said Andre.

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