The story of King Charles III who turns out to be a descendant of Dracula


Not many know that the new King of England, King Charles III, is actually a descendant of Dracula aka Vlad The Impaler from Romania. How’s the story?

Queen Elizabeth II has passed away at the age of 96. The throne of the British Empire was finally continued by the crown prince, Charles, who is now officially crowned King Charles III.

What not many travelers know is that actually King Charles III still has blood relations with ‘Dracula’ aka Vlad The Impaler, ruler of the Wallachia region in Romania who lived in the 15th century.



According to detikTravel searches from various sources, Monday (19/9/2022), King Charles III is the great-grandson of the 16th generation of Vlad The Impaler. Charles got blood from Vlad through the lineage of George V’s consort, Queen Mary.

Charles himself is known to have a special relationship and love for Romania, especially Transylvania. Charles first visited here in 1998.

Since then, King Charles III is said to have fallen in love with his great-grandfather’s hometown. He is even known to have bought a castle from the 18th century in the village of Viscri and repaired it until it was habitable.

King Charles III is also known to do charity work in the area through a movement initiated by his foundation, the Prince of Wales Foundation. He created agricultural systems, conservation activities and sustainable development in Romania.

In 2017, the mayor of the Alba Iulia region in Romania claimed to have invited Charles, then still a prince, to receive the honorary title of Prince of Transylvania for his love and commitment to the area.

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