The Story of RI Bitcoin Miners, Sitting Silently Raising Hundreds of Millions

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – In the world of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, there is activity mining or mining is done by people all over the world including in Indonesia.

One of the people who struggled to be full time miner, dedicating his computer equipment only to mine Bitcoin, is Adhy Surya. He claimed to have known work as a miner this since 2012. However, at that time he was just experimenting with makeshift tools.

About 9 years ago, he saw the Bitcoin market stagnate and decided to stop. However, when the Bitcoin market took off in 2020, he was again interested in continuing to mine cryptocurrencies.



“Oh mining This is quite tempting, yes, in the sense that we actually act passively, yes, active maybe from the side maintenanceits probably cleaning from the tools from maintain that’s the configuration. Only broadly speaking, yes, it is something in a passive form,” he told CNBC Indonesia.

I want to save crypto or just be passive income, rarely passive income can be obtained just like thatAdhy Surya, Bitcoin miner

Two years ago, when the Bitcoin market was booming, Adhi also happened to have a need to meng-upgrade his personal computer.

He thought it wouldn’t hurt to try to be miner again, at the same time to increase the cost of the need toupgrade computer.

“Well fit again upgrade PC, no it’s been a long time since bitcoin has gone up again all time high, are you all right? I grab it’s okay, on the one hand it’s okay,” he said.

Starting from his desire toupgrade computer, a year later it turns out how Mining is quite profitable, especially when the Bitcoin price is at its highest level.

At its highest point, one Bitcoin coin is valued at US $ 68,000 or more than Rp. 1 billion. However, after peaking in November 2021, the price of Bitcoin began to decline towards the middle of 2022. Currently, Bitcoin is trading above the price of US $ 20,000 or around Rp. 300 million.

“Interesting, yes, I finally continued. I happened to have seen it cycle-yes, it’s been a few times all time high but not yet crash-nya, me at that time expect in the next few months 2021 the end it will be crash again, in accordance with cycle-word.” said Adi.