The story of the escape of a young man from his wedding in Riyadh after the father of the bride told him that his daughter was “one-eyed”… and suddenly an unthinkable happened! • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: “Abdullah Al-Mukhalid” narrated in the “Ajaweed” program the story of a young man whose father proposed to him a girl from one of the areas near Riyadh, and he agreed with her father that his son would marry her, and the girl’s father agreed, and all the arrangements were made, and the father of the groom and the bride agreed, that the marriage be done. Marriage and wrote the book in one day, and it was.

Wrote the book

The wedding guests and the sheikh attended the book, and here the father of the bride tried to be frank with the groom, that his fiancée can only see with her left eye (40%), while her right eye is fine, and she can see well.

voices the groom

The voices of the groom refusing to marry and the father of the bride rose, and here the father of the groom came to find out what was happening. The father tried to force his son, the groom, to sign the marriage contract, but the latter refused, and he left the wedding hall, leaving everyone behind.

Stand manly

And here was the surprise, as the father of the groom asked the father of the bride, to marry the bride instead of his son, and the father of the bride agreed immediately, stressing that his manly position deserved him to be the groom instead of his son, stressing that the contract will take place after he asks his daughter for approval.

an end wedding

Indeed, the bride agreed to marry the father of the groom, who did not know her from the beginning, and the wedding took place. After the wedding ended, the mother (the mother of the former groom) returned home with her two daughters, but she was shocked after seeing her son, the groom, lying in front of the TV watching the match, not with his bride, and asked him about the bride. Where is she? She was shocked to learn that her husband was the groom.

to reject the husband

The son justified that he refused to marry the bride because she was “one-eyed”, which his mother corrected, saying that the bride had nothing and she could see well, and that she was dancing with joy because she knew that the husband was her son and not her husband, and she fell unconscious.

Vision his wife

The new husband returned to his home to see his wife and children, and here his wife (the groom’s mother) reprimanded him, because he married her and justified her husband that he was trying to solve the problem that was going to fall before everyone, and that he did not do so out of desire or love for the marriage itself.