The story of the frenchman who escaped from a prison in Siberia, and he escaped the dogs and snipers at the border to get in Europe

The story of the frenchman who escaped from a prison in Siberia, and he escaped the dogs and snipers at the border to get in Europe


Yoann Barbereau, aged 39 years, has managed to evade arrest at home in Siberia, he hid for a year in Moscow and managed subsequently to get out of the country through a forest full of wolves, despite the fact that he was on a national list of the most searched people, according to The Telegraph.
Was head of the French Alliance ( a cultural centre similar to the British Council) of Irkoutsk, he states that he was the victim of a campaign of “kompromat” online, in which local agents of security, they tried to classify him as a pedophile after what has been accessed illegally your private photos.
After 14 months in hiding in Russia, the frenchman finally managed to escape and to return to the country last week. On Friday, he accused French diplomats and the former president gfrancez Francois Hollande of “cowardice” for not having taken up a position in front of Vladimir Putin in regards to the fate of a fellow countryman on the payroll of the ministry of foreign affairs.
Barbereau lived together with his wife of Russian origin and their daughter of five years in Irkoutsk, where he was director of the French Alliance, an institution partly financed by the French state.
the Nightmare it began three years ago, when the man was kidnapped and beaten by ten men. They accessed the computer and stole several photos in which appear Barbereau together with his family. In some of these occur and the daughter of the man who had his thumb in his mouth or he was bathed by the father. The attackers have posted then those pictures along with other photos of child pornography on a website for mothers in Russia.
the Frenchman believes that he was attacked because he was friends with the local mayor, who opposed the party of Russian president, Vladimir Putin, in a period of tension when Russia got sanctions over actions in Ukraine.
He was found guilty by the justice Russian for committing sexual acts with his own daughter, but and for for the production and distribution of child pornography. Thus, in February 2015 Barbereau was arrested and imprisoned for 71 days, after which he was hospitalized in a psychiatric ward. Here, it relates that he was obliged to give several times a bribe of about a million rubles ( approximately 68 000 lei) in order to ensure that it is not “injected with something harmful”.
the Time in which Barbereau is arrested VIDEO Youtube / RT
the man’s Wife, Daria Nikolenko, he said that “Yoann has been the victim of a plot” and she was forced to give false statements after Russian agents have threatened her that they will send her to prison and their daughter will end up in an orphanage if he doesn’t comply.
Later Daria and her daughter were able to flee to London.
while awaiting trial, Barbereau managed to escape house arrest after he covered the bracelet electronics with an aluminium foil and left the phone behind on a bus to Mongolia, where the Russian authorities declared in December last year that they found evidence and it is on the trail of the man.
Using a false identity, the frenchman had traveled to Moscow with the help of an application of car sharing and has reached the French embassy. However, the man says that he faced a cold reaction and was told that “it is too dangerous to hide you”. “I was talking to cowards” he added.
finally, Barbereau has stated that he was placed in a hidden room and that time of a year, she saw very few people.
Although the French ambassador in Moscow stated that progress is being made in his case, an e-mail published by the journal of investigative Envoye Special quotes that the diplomat confessed that he was “taken for a ride” by the russians.
later Convinced that the French diplomacy will not save him, the man he planned his escape memorizing satellite maps of the areas at the border. In the end, it went to the embassy without informing anyone.
Armed with a backpack, a pair of pliers, a pocketknife, a flashlight, and a new phone with the sim card anonymous, he met with a Russian friend, who led him to a part of the way. Then, Barbereau spent ten hours through a dense forest with wild animals, because at a given moment, nose to nose with the two wolves. “I wasn’t scared, because I was very focused to not get lost”, he explained.
Fear the great man was when he had to pass the border zone. “I risked my life. There have been two major threats: the dogs on the Russian side are not put there as to bark, but to neutralize it. In other words, if they need to break an arm, they will do it. However, the biggest threat was snipers the russians” he told Barbereau.
however, the frenchman managed to get in a european country that has not called it, where, exhausted, he met with border guards who asked them to take it over. After giving a few statements, he received permission to return to France and on Thursday was reunited with his family.
the Man said then that he was disappointed by the French authorities and that the answer “weak” of diplomats encouraged the russians to “play” with his case. “The weakness of the reaction of the French is worrying,” he added, explaining that it suggests a “domination extreme” of Russia when it comes to the bilateral relationship.
In may, his case was taken over by the president of the Emmanuel Macron, who is întâșnea then to Versailles with Vladimir Putin. The French president said then that he debated the “individual cases” with his Russian counterpart, but don’t discuss them publicly.
Friday, the Foreign ministry of France has rejected the charge that he acted slow and stressed that “raised regularly the issue with the Russian authorities”.
Barbereau has confessed that he will fight to be cleared of all charges so that they can travel again in Russia.
the Time in which Barbereau arrive in Nantes Youtube VIDEO / Presse Ocean

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