The story of the little girl hopping on the tarmac in Melsbroek: “I was so happy to come back to Belgium!”

From Kabul, the Sadat family flew to Islamabad, in neighboring Pakistan. There, they had to wait for a flight to Belgium. When they landed at Melsbroek military airport, the family was very happy and relieved. A photo of Neha jumping on the tarmac then went around the world. “Friends and family gave us the photo. They recognized our daughter,” says Sayed Mujeeb.

“I hate Afghanistan because of the Taliban,” for her part reacted little Neha. “I never want to go back there again,” she continues. The child explains that he thought they would never return to Belgium again. “I’m really happy we’re back.”

After landing in Melsbroek, the family was transferred to Peutie where they still had to fill out some paperwork. Neha wanted to have a cup of tea, but hot water ran over her legs. They were then taken by ambulance to the military hospital. “She went for a check-up again today and she’s getting better,” says Sayed Mujeeb.

During the interview with the VRT, the family still wanted to express their gratitude to Belgium. “We really thank them for bringing us back here safe and sound.”


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