The little five-year-old Reed Havlik suffers from a strange disease called Disappearance of White Matter (VWM), a genetic mutation that causes the deterioration and disappearance of his nerves.

        If Reed Havlik comes to suffer a blow to his head, fever or a fright, he could fall into a coma or even die. Currently, because his illness is degenerative, the child can not walk and could soon lose the ability to use his hands.

His mother, Erika, explains that Reed's condition means that, as a family, they have to be really careful, especially on Halloween. A good scare could generate stress in your brain that could accelerate your illness.

"We do celebrate Halloween, but on a very small scale, Reed is going to disguise himself as Mickey Mouse this year, a costume party is held in his school but everyone there is also very careful," Erika told Fox News.

Although there is currently no cure or treatment to combat this condition, Reed's family still has not lost hope that a solution for the child will soon appear.





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