The strategy in high risk Macron for the legislative

The strategy in high risk Macron for the legislative

Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee palace on may 17.

The five-year programme of Emmanuel Macron can finish in a month ? The new head of State, who has just appointed his prime minister, Edouard Philippe and his government, knows that he has before him an important deadline for the continuation of his attempted “revolution” policy : the legislative elections of 11 and 18 June.

Mr. Macron must win this “third round” of the presidential election and get a majority in The Republic in motion (LRM) comfortable in the national Assembly, if he wants to have a chance to carry out his reforms with the minimum of political pitfalls.

The challenge for the president of the Republic and his prime minister, Edouard Philippe, who has called on the French, Thursday morning, may 18, on France Inter, ” give the majority of progress in the country “.

the LRM has made public, on Wednesday, a list of 521 candidates invested with the legislative out of 577 constituencies. It is almost the end, even if ” adjustments “ are possible, depending on the motion of Mr Macron, until Friday 18 hours, the deadline for the submission of applications to the prefecture.

Candidates spared as compatible

Among these 521 districts covered by the macronistes, more than 80 have been negotiated with the MoDem of François Bayrou, of which 30 to 40 are considered gagnables without too much difficulty by the centrists.

most Importantly, the LRM has left free, to this hour, 56 districts to protect a number of the heavy weights of the left and right invested by the party, The Republicans (LR) or the socialist Party (PS), with no candidates against them. As much political gestures intended to encourage the victory of these elected officials, whose sensitivity is found to be compatible with the project of the head of State and called, after the election, to join the presidential majority in the chamber.

the right candidates LR spared are Thierry Solère (Hauts-de-Seine, france), Arnaud Faucet…

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