the streets where wearing a mask is compulsory in Paris

Wearing a mask outdoors is compulsory from Monday, August 10 in certain areas in Paris as well as in Seine-Saint-Denis, Hauts-de-Seine, Val-de-Marne and Val-d ‘ Oise. Scheduled for a renewable period of one month, this measure should allow health authorities to stop a rebound of the virus which raises fears of a second wave of the epidemic with potentially devastating effects for the French economy.

The French are now overwhelmingly in favor of wearing a mask outside, with nearly two-thirds of them wanting it to become mandatory in open public places, according to an Ifop survey for Sunday Newspaper. According to this survey carried out between August 5 and 7, 64% of French people want the wearing of a mask “to become compulsory for anyone going to an open public place” against 36% who say they are opposed to it.

Failure to wear a mask is punishable by a fine of 135 euros.

Here is the precise list of these streets:

All the “low” quays, the banks of the Seine accessible to pedestrians and “soft” traffic. Right bank: from the quai de Bercy (12th arrondissement) to the quai Louis Blériot (16th). Left bank: from quai d’Ivry (13th) to quai d’Issy-les-Moulineaux (15th)

In the Center districts (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th)
– rue Montorgueil
– Red Children market
– rue Rambuteau
– rue de Bretagne
– rue des Francs Bourgeois
– rue Saint-Honoré
– rue de Montmartre

In the 5th and 6th arrondissements
– Rue Mouffetard
-rue de Buci
– rue de Seine
– rue Mazarine
– rue Jacques Callot
– rue Princesse
– rue des Canettes
– rue Guisarde
– Saint-Germain market
– Tino Rossi garden

In the 7th arrondissement
– rue Clerc
– avenue de Saxe market

In the 9th arrondissement
– martyrs Street
– rue Cadet
– Antwerp food market

In the 10th arrondissement
– rue de Metz
– boulevard de Strasbourg
– rue du Château d’Eau between Fb St Martin and Fb St Denis
– rue Cail
– rue Perdonnet
– rue Philippe de Girard
– place Ian Karski
– rue Louis Blanc in its portion between place Karski and the faubourg Saint-Denis
– rue du Faubourg Saint Denis

In the 11th arrondissement
– rue de la Roquette,
– rue de Lappe
– Keller Street
– rue Daval
– rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud
– Belleville market
– rue Oberkampf

In the 12th arrondissement
– Bercy-Village
– Cour Saint-Emilion
– Aligre market

In the 13th arrondissement
– Quai François Mauriac
– station’s platform,
– National Library of France (square + steps and quay)
– Maison-Blanche market on Avenue d’Italie

In the 14th arrondissement
– rue Daguerre
– rue Raymond Losserand (between rue d’Alésia and avenue du Maine)

In the 15th arrondissement
– shopping street
– rue Linois

In the 16th arrondissement
– rue de Passy
– rue de l’Annunciation

In the 17th arrondissement
– the whole avenue of avenue de Saint-Ouen
– rue de Lévis
– rue Poncelet
– rue bayen

In the 18th arrondissement
– Barbès market
– Lariboisière market
– Ornano market
– boulevard de la Chapelle (between Tombouctou and boulevard Barbès)
– rue des Islettes
– rue de la Goutte d’or
– rue des Poissonniers
– rue Dejean
– rue de Suez
-rue de Panama
– Dejean market (triangle streets Poulet, Poissonniers and Dejean)
– Porte Montmartre market (including biffins square)
– Ordener market
– rue de Steinkerque
– avenue de Saint-Ouen
– boulevard de Clichy
– boulevard du Rochechouart
– Poteau market (Rue Duhesme – between Ordener and Poteau
– Paris flea market
– rue Riquet (between Marx Dormoy and Pajol)
– rue de l’Olive
– Butte Montmartre (place du tertre, square and market of the Sacré-Coeur, rue Norvins, rue du Mont Cenis)

In the 19th arrondissement
– quay of the Loire
– quay of the Seine
– quai de Marne
– Quai de l’Oise to the entrance to Parc de la Villette
– rue de Bellevillle
– Joinville market
– party square
– avenue Secrétan
– avenue Mathurin Moreau
-rue Manin
– avenue Jean Jaurès between rue de l’Ourcq and Porte de Pantin

In the 20th arrondissement
– rue des Panoyaux
– rue Victor Letalle
– rue Sorbier (between rue Menilmontant and rue Juillet)
– Belvedere of the Parc de Belleville
– Boulevard de Belleville
– boulevard de Ménilmontant
– rue de Ménilmontant
– rue des Pyrénées
– rue de Bagnolet
– rue d’Avron
– flea market at Porte de Montreuil

” SEE AS ​​WELL – The obligation to wear a mask in Paris will be applied “with a lot of pedagogy”


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