The strong message of Sergio Fajardo’s ex-partner against the candidate

“I know that he does not know truth, justice and reparation. That’s why he says so boldly that we turn the page. He really doesn’t understand. He has managed to turn the page so many times in his private life, that he is convinced that in the public world they will also pay attention to him, ”said Lucrecia Ramírez-Restrepo, doctor and specialist in psychiatry and former partner of presidential candidate Sergio Fajardo.

The specialist left the message after Fajardo had written a trill saying that the page should be “turned” and the chapter of the last 20 years closed without resorting to lynching or violence. “We cannot continue feeding the vicious circle of ‘who is not with me, is my enemy,'” said the candidate of the Hope Center Coalition, referring to some verbal attacks suffered by former President Álvaro Uribe in Santa Marta.

WEEK Dr. Ramírez was contacted, who confirmed the truth of the message. For his part, Sergio Fajardo only pointed out: “I’m not talking about private issues. From no person, public or not,” he said.