The students did Ela’s dictation at Marie-Rouanet school

The Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports supports every year, since 1996, the campaign of the European Association against leukodystrophies (Ela) which aims to support families, stimulate the development of research and raise public awareness. It is in this context that Mrs. Fourrier’s class had invited Mr. Morgo, departmental advisor, to read the dictation on the theme “Objective moon”, sponsored by astronaut Jean-François Clervoy. The association proposes to go and win the moon for sick children. All together, it is quite possible, it is 500 million steps away. This dictation, as for 520,000 other students, supports a work on the difference that the students of CE2, CM1 and CM2 of Marie-Rouanet school are pursuing with the Paralympic games, handicap, dys and harassment, among others. . They asked the hikers of the Amicale cazouline of Ensembles and solidarity Les Canards baladeurs to accompany them. Those having answered favorably, a date must be fixed after the holidays of All Saints.