The stumble from which Gregorio Pernía has not yet recovered

One day before the final of MasterChef Celebrity, Gregorio Pernía did not reach his position among the finalists and became the last eliminated. His departure moved many Colombians but injured more than one participant, Claudia Bahamón, and the jurors were also affected.

On the day of the final, in addition to the families of the finalists, the 16 former participants also visited RCN’s kitchen, and Gregorio Pernía was unavoidable to perceive their emotion. “I see them come in and I said my mother there I could have been too” confessed the actor during the first part of the final of the contest.

“Frankcito, daddy, I want to see him with that trophy in hand,” Gregorio told Frank in the long-awaited final, after the comedian thanked the actor for his help and even treated him like another brother. “Gregorio is another Chris, he already has half a bed there in Medellín,” he concluded.

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