The successes were worth more than the mistakes and he continues on

If one reviews the numerous statistics left by yesterday’s crossing, it is difficult to find the reasons for the victory of Estudiantes by 2 to 1, which also meant the first fall of the premises in the Presbyter Bartolomé Grella.

Patronato widely surpassed him in shots, in possession, in corner kicks and in all the outstanding areas, except in the fundamental one: goals.

And it is that Ricardo Zielinski’s team, utilitarian to the extreme, continues to show day after day that it does not need much to hurt. With just a handful of moves, some combinations between their big names or a fanatic, this Pincha is able to open the scoring and make a difference that he does not usually miss.

He made it clear again yesterday, where he did not have a good time in front of an alternative Board of Trustees, which despite having his mind set on Wednesday’s crossing with Boca for the Argentine Cup, he was planted as equals and surprised him from the outset with a great goal from Sebastián Sosa Sánchez, who had some complicity from Mariano Andújar.

The Lion cared little about being down on the scoreboard ten minutes into the first half in which the Pattern was more intense, thus managing to show a problem that Zielinski already knows: the difficulty of his centrals when they are taken out of the area, their zone of comfort. Even more so with the sides in a purely offensive facet, which happened a lot yesterday with Matías Aguirregaray and a little less with Leonardo Godoy, something more contained.

Perhaps in this matter, in knowing each other well in terms of virtues and defects, lies the reason for this Estudiantes who fights above, who wants Liberators and who will exhaust opportunities to be victorious in each crossing of the domestic contest.

With a weak game from Jorge Rodríguez in both facets and with little from Manuel Castro, his scorer, it was others who had to appear. At times it was Andújar, for other Matías Pellegrini. Also Gustavo Del Prete and Francisco Apaolaza. And mainly Fernando Zuqui, transcendental in the operation and in the present of the León.

Without the management or control of the round and with many spaces, it seemed that Patronato was closer to expanding than the Pincha to equalize. However, again the stopped ball said present.

After a free kick from the aforementioned Zuqui, Nestor Pitana scored one of those penalties that are penalties, but which often seem to depend more on the desire of the referees to collect them than on the action itself.

Apaolaza took over, but his shot, much announced, found a solid response from Matías Ibáñez, who stopped it. Despite this, the rebound was served to the native of Magdalena, who, with the arc at his disposal, decreed the 1 to 1 head, 25 minutes after the opening of the scoreboard and in just the second shot from Zielinski’s destiny of Arc.

From equality, Estudiantes settled down, despite continuing to play at the pace imposed by the local. And three minutes later, again with Zuqui as the smartest of all, he got to the top of the scoreboard.

The Mendoza player quickly played a free kick in the middle of the court and put Del Prete to run, in the same line. The rionegrino, faster than the center-backs of the Pattern, entered the area and defined against an Ibáñez who dipped in a good way, but the rebound was favorable to the former City Torque, who with his left leg put a 2 to 1 difficult to explain from the Procedure.

In just his fourth shot, the Pincha embraced an advantage that he would never let go and that would mean another three points for a harvest that amounted to 23.


With 2 to 1 in their favor, the second half of Estudiantes was disconcerting. Zielinski’s team was delayed several meters to try to come out against, something that little could do.

Without a cut in a disorderly midfield, without the possibility of handling the ball and timing, and very erratic in passing, the advantage was held in a lot of Andújar, some of the last line and a lot of own fortune and inefficiency in the directed by Iván Delfino.

Attentive to this, the Russian got his hands on the income of David Ayala and Franco Zapiola, seeking to populate the midfield more and bring freshness to an already tired offense. However, what was desired did not take effect and the Lion was a mere spectator of the constant attacks of the Board of Trustees.

Only Aguirregaray, with the match already broken, was able to generate what would have been a goal difficult to forget. But his play, with three men in the way, including the keeper, ended with the ball bouncing off the stick. And what seemed to be a served cry for Pellegrini, turned into an unforgettable blooper for the former MLS, who threw her way over the crossbar.

Estudiantes did not play well and did not deserve to win. But this is football and that doesn’t matter much. The successes were worth more than the mistakes and the Pincha adds, continues on top and dreams of celebrating at the end.