The sugar mill in Bärnbach: Picture gallery: Opening of the sugar mill in Bärnbach

Bärnbach just got a little sweeter recently. The long-standing, family-run bakery Köck was taken over by Rosa Kohlbacher and Christian Schweighart last year. With many helping hands and tireless zest for action, it was renovated and renovated in record time so that the pink sugar mill could finally take its place in the heart of Bärnbach.

BAERNBACH. With this project, the owner, together with her husband, long-awaited dream fulfilled, which has been dormant in her for many years.

Immediately after completing her apprenticeship, Rosa started with the “Cafe Mill” self-employed. In the years that followed, the single-minded Konditormeister’s gain some experience in and outside of the catering industry. Standing still is a foreign word for the busy entrepreneur and so she felt drawn back after more than 20 years Bärnbach.

Back to the roots, but with a new location, new energy and memorable name. Going with the zeitgeist, allowing creative processes and constantly redefining yourself, that’s what makes Rosa Kohlbacher and is reflected in the sugar mill.

sustainable use of resources, high-quality raw materials and the involvement of the region also play a central role for them. In the sugar mill you will not only find them sweet confectionery creations, but also homemade lemonades, excellent coffee, a particularly fine brunch selection and delicious pastries from the Alpenbrot Bakery Jechart and the Sunbakery hull.

Die Confectionery Sugar Mill should be a place where the head should be filled with memories, the belly with love and the heart with warmth.

A place for everyone who invites you to linger, enjoy and forget about time.

2023-06-08 14:26:16
The sugar mill in Bärnbach: Picture gallery: Opening of the sugar mill in Bärnbach

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