Finally, the final judgment was issued, in the first instance, in the case of Marjorie de Sousa and Julián Gil; if the actor does not appeal it would be the end of the problem. Finally the visits to the center of coexistence were completed, and the judge decided that Julián Gil would give 20% of what he earns to his son Matías, in exchange he could see the child once a month, from 11 in the morning to 5 in the morning. late, but you will have to be accompanied by your nurse. It was also agreed that the holidays for December, Easter and summer are divided. Julian was granted Father's Day and his birthday so they can live together.
The question is, if the actor will accept the agreement or take legal action, to which he replied: "I am very happy to be able to meet again with my son Matías after more than 500 days without being able to have a healthy coexistence, now nobody will be able to pull apart. I love you son". So everything indicates that it will be the end of this terrible chapter in the lives of both actors. Matías has the right to be with both parents and enjoy a happy childhood and if he brings alimony he must also live with his son in a normal way.
Meanwhile, Marjorie is happy to see the light at the end of the road; he will no longer have to go every Saturday to the center of coexistence and will concentrate on the recording of the telenovela Un poquito tuyo.
The lawyer Guillermo Pous (lawyer of Iván Aguilera) stated that Joao Aguilera Rosales lost his lawsuit against his client; because the sentence of the courtroom was published, where the validity of the testament was confirmed and it was declared that there is no nullity as indicated by Joao. In this way it is ruled out that Joao Aguilera Rosales is a descendant of Juan Gabriel, legally it is not proven that he is his son, he could not be accredited, so he is not recognized as an heir. Joao has lost two instances and still has to file an injunction, if he wants to continue with the trial.
It is clear that Iván Aguilera is the universal heir of the legacy of Alberto Aguilera Valadés, his property belongs to him and to his brothers he will distribute what corresponds to them according to what he talked with his father.
The Pous License clarifies that Silvia Urquidez will have to return the houses she has in her name. At this moment they continue with the regularization of the assets so that the possession of the same ones is restored, since they are part of the hereditary mass. In fact, the houses are in the name of Silvia, but there are precedents on this matter; In addition to a signed contract where it is clear that the houses are Juan Gabriel, they were repurchased with their money and Silvia knows that they have to write in the name of Ivan Aguilera, it is estimated that they are between 9 and 11 properties.
There are two other lawsuits by Alberto Aguilera and Pablo Aguilera, who claim part of the inheritance but will not proceed legally because they do not have proof of what they say. So once all these legal processes are concluded, Ivan will be able to enjoy the inheritance as he deserves.
There is more …, but until then I tell you.


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